Beyond the supply of special steels: we are solution providers.

Customer service is in our blood. Our services include the supply of special steels, but SEBIR stands out for its commitment to those who choose us.

Our technical service guarantees you a personalised service to determine the best grades and processes for your product. We offer flexibility and guaranteed delivery times.

Furthermore, at SEBIR we are committed to sustainability, being pioneers of processes such as  TSF© (phosphate-free wire-drawing).

Steel wire transformation for cold stamping

Cold forging is a methodology that provides crucial materials for all types of industries. The resulting steel wire for cold stamping is often used for the manufacture of screws, rivets, bolts, nails and many other items. Its advantages include lower energy costs, minimal machine wear, faster production speeds and less waste generation.

All this makes this specialisation a sustainable and economic alternative for steel processing.

We advise you on everything you need

Throughout our history we have developed innovative solutions tailored to the needs of individual customers. From the outset, we have always understood the importance of developing our own research hub, open to working with institutions in Spain and Europe.

This extensive background allows us to offer our clients tailored consultancy services, with the guarantee of our long and fruitful experience. We put all our knowledge at the service of our clients.


At SEBIR we guarantee reliable and flexible distribution deadlines thanks to our personalised and immediate attention. We seek to meet the needs of our customers by meeting confirmed delivery deadlines.

Profiling at the customer's request

At SEBIR we offer added services to our customers such as profiling: