TSF©, an economic and ecological revolution

Drawn wires for phosphate-free cold stamping: 0.0% Phosphate

TSF© (Phosphate Free Wire Drawing) is a new technology developed by SEBIR for cold deformation without added phosphates.
This product:

Reduces industrial and environmental costs

Offers better performances than phosphated wire

Why TSF©? A further step towards sustainable industry

TSF© reduces the friction coefficient in stamping, keeping the lubricant on the wire during all stamping phases.


Wire drawn at high pressure allows the manufacture of cold formed parts without the use of phosphate, with all the advantages this entails.

Ecological advantages of TSF©


Functional advantages of TSF©

Two types of TSF©

TSF© 1

TSF© 2

At SEBIR we advise you

If you have any doubts about the TSF©© process or about the grades that support it, contact us to receive the best advice from our team. Because at SEBIR we seek to offer solutions adapted to the needs of each customer and provide you with the best service.