We have drawing machines which are capable of drawing wire witha diameter from 1,80 mm up to 41,00 mm ensuring the h9 dimensional tolerance.

Some machines have systmes to control dimensions by laser, which ensures this tolerance in the event of any small flaw emerging during the process.

The annealing process required  for our products is one of the most critical points during our production process. Automatic temperature and atmosphere control during the annealing cycle ensures a high degree of globulisation and optimum homogenity for subsequent cold heading.

We also have an IT system that guarantees the tracebility of each product.

Our automatic pickling plant allow us to have a flexibility when programming the different kind of surface treatments demanded for cold forming.

In addition the automatic process control guarantees the quality requirements for our products.


Reliable timeframes are important, but so too is flexibility. Our supply system meets both of these needs and provides fast information. 

To do this, we have both internal and external warehouses supplying wire to the factory; our finished product warehouses are able to store the wire in all its various supply forms in order to deliver exactly what customer needs when they need it.