The Sebir company will be, another edition, present at the WIRE international fair presenting its latest news.

The Sebir company will be, another edition, present at the WIRE international fair presenting its latest news.

Posted on 05Mar

The Spanish company Sebir S.A., creators of TSF© and the PHP©, will be one more edition present at the most important international fair in the world, the Wire 2018 and Tube 2018 that once again takes place in Düsseldorf (Germany).

The fair, the first global showcase of the metallurgical sector, will allow SEBIR to present its latest Q&D&innovations, as well as the reliability and efficiency of its unique products, developed entirely in its facilities in Castellbisbal (Barcelona).

SEBIR will present the latest news of its usual products among which, among others, the TSF©, the first wire drawn at high pressure and which allows the suppression of the surface coating of phosphate in all steps of cold stamping, stand out among others.

The fair will also be the showcase in which SEBIR, which this year celebrates its 50th anniversary, will announce its new website with a specific area for all its clients.

Sebir-TSF©, the first drawn wire for phosphate-free cold stamping, strengthens its position in the international market

Posted on 07Jun

Some years ago, Spanish company Sebir S.A. created TSF : the first high-pressure drawn wire which allows the removal of superficial phosphate coating in all the steps of cold stamping. Nowadays, Sebir S.A. has consolidated its product internationally. This exclusive and innovative product provides relevant environmental benefits, improves quality in the final product and leads to significant cost savings in the stamping process.

TSF was presented in 2012, at Düsseldorf Wire international trade fair. Since then, it has strengthened its position in the market. This exclusive SEBIR product implies environmental and quality improvements for this industry. From an economic perspective, TSF achieves important cost savings as, by using it, the de-phosphating process disappears.

On the other hand, TSF increases the operating life of both heat-treatment furnaces and stamping olis, and improves the productivity of forming process. Environmentally speaking, the use of TSF eliminates residual polluted waters, containing nitrates or heavy metals. Furthermore, it eliminates all the de-phosphating residues and it minimizes the amount of polluted oils.

The excellent quality offered by this drawn wire for phosphate-free cold stamping improves the acceptable deformation ratio of materials. Moreover, it keeps the cracks to a minimum, improving the geometry of stamping parts. Besides, it improves both extrusion capacity and thread speed.

With more than 40 years of experience, Sebir S.A. aims at achieving the highest standards of organization and trying to reach excellence by fostering the value chain from the supplier. SEBIR makes the most of the competitive advantage of its Research and Development department. Furthermore, it focuses on feedback and collaboration with its clients, constantly looking for updates which may lead to common benefits.

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